Solid Wood is the Hallmark of Fine Furniture

Quality that Lasts

While poor-quality mantels may look acceptable from a distance, they’re actually constructed of plywood and wood by-products to save cost. Get close to touch the surfaces and note the construction. While veneers have a legitimate place in quality furniture construction, low-quality plywood made of cheap rotary-cut veneers glued to weak core materials are likely to peel apart when exposed to the heat of a fireplace or the moisture absorbed from a masonry wall. Plywood and wood by-products may also give off toxic fumes when heated by a fire, polluting our air, and degrading stains and finishes. We test our lumber to maintain a maximum moisture content of 6% during milling and assembly to eliminate future warping, much like the finest piano makers.

We offer five solid wood options:

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Poplar
  • Alder
  • Hard maple

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