Planning Your Mantel Project

Let us assume you already have a fireplace installed against your wall with a non-combustible "facing material" such as ceramic tile, marble, etc. around the opening. If installing a shelf mantel, you have a lot of flexibility as to how long it should be and how high above the firebox you mount it, so long as it is a safe distance from the heat source. A full surround mantel requires more careful planning.

For Mantel Shelves:

  • Ask your fireplace dealer how high above the firebox you must mount the mantel for fire safety and personal preference.
  • Choose the shelf style,wood, stain, and finish, and mantel length you prefer.
  • Place your order through your dealer.

For Full Surround Mantels:

  • Seek the guidance of your fireplace dealer, and/or local building officials to determine safe fire clearance distances between your firebox and a mantel, both on the sides and above. These distances vary widely between fireplace brands and local governments.
  • Choose the surround style, wood, stain, and finish you prefer.
  • Complete the surround mantel ordering guide.
  • Place your order through your dealer.

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